Thursday, 11 March 2010

Alice in Underland?

I must confess i was drawn in by the concept of a Tim Burton Alice film but i was kind of disappointed when i found out it was going to be an original story based around the sequel, 'Through the Looking Glass'. After seeing the film I maintain my standing on the subject, there aren't many films based on the sequel and certainly no decent ones from what I've seen so this had the potential to be a great film and fill the niche market that others have failed in. All the ingredients were there for a spectacular visual treat but did it fulfill? Tim Burton has a track record of producing some cinematic greats such as Sleepy Hollow and highly underrated Big Fish but has recently missed par on his newer creations like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that are visually enjoyable but falls short in other areas. Alice in Wonderland was a less than inspiring re imagining of a classic story that leaves you with a slight feeling of melon-collie the story was confusing and seemed to be re-written for one of Burton's favorite actors, Johnny Depp who stole the screen. The music by Danny Elfman was an enjoyable experience but brought nothing new. Of course the screenplay was written by the ominous Linda Woolverton who has a less than admirable track record. But the real draw to any of Tim Burton films is the visuals, even this though was less than impressive and was pretty much distroyed by the 3D effect. On the whole the film was enjoyable but brought nothing new and was slightly sub par for its rather grand release, worth watching but stay clear of the 3D and dont expect to be blown away.