Wednesday, 1 April 2009

St. Trinian's (2007)

There’s been a lot of bad reviews on the latest St. Tinian's movie and after watching it for myself I can't disagree more. The new movie is a far cry from the 1966 Great Train Robbery I remember fondly from my childhood. Thigh-highs and suspenders set the mood as your pelted with drug references and sexual innuendos. From the Joint smoking Rupert Everett to Stephen Fry on uppers this is St. Trin's for a new generation. The anarchical school is threatened by bankruptcy and foreclosure while The Minister of Education (Colin Firth) wants to expose the school as a corrupt hellhole. The girls decide to save the school by stealing a famous painting and then fencing it off though the loose moraled Flash Harry (Russell Brand). The Film has some great moments and is, in some parts extremely funny. Anyone shouting at the decidedly un-politically correct humor must of had their funny bone surgically removed. Highly Recommended.

Jumper (2008)

The story revolves around David Rice (Hayden Christensen) who has a genetic anomaly close to what we would normally call 'mutants' and 'Paladins' who are trying to kill him and all other like him. After an accident which promotes the onset of his power to 'Jump' or teleport at will, David goes on the run leaving many believing him to be dead. he lives his live robbing banks and jumping wherever he wants. One day he gets found out and has a close encounter with Roland(Samuel L. Jackson). Roland is a high ranking Paladin who's job it is to kill Jumpers, Paladins belong to an ancient cult believe that Jumpers are an abomination and only God should have their power. David goes back home to see his childhood friend and love interest Millie (Rachel Bilson) to find she still lives in the same town and has given up her dreams. He then puts her life in danger by taking her with him to Rome. This is where he he meets Griffin (Jamie Bell) who teaches him about who he his and the history of the war between Paladins and Jumpers. This leads to a predictable climax where the girl is kidnapped and they guys team up to beat Roland. After the first 20 min's or so you think about reaching for the gun to blow your head off but is saved when the story gets going and the acting improves... slightly. The story, although no award winner is entertaining and is well directed. a little dodgy camera work and below par acting is saved by the grace of Jamie Bell and Samuel L. Jackson even if they did seem a little uninterested. On the whole the film is watchable, even enjoyable but don't go expecting another Matrix.

The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008)

The Spiderwick Chronicles is a film based on the books of the same name. The story centers around Jared Grace who finds an magical book after he and his family movin into an old house in the middle of nowhere. Disregarding the warning Jared reads the book whitch causes something to happen. What exactly happens isnt fully explained however whatever it does it attracts alot of attention. Attention from some not so friendly magical creatures that want the the book to take over the world. The main antagonist, a rather ugly looking shapeshifer ogre called Mulgarath employs the help of Redcap, a cool looking pirate toad guy with toady henchmen to retreve the book for him. Much chaos ensumes. The overall feel to the film was quite compelling with a good script and camera work. Moreover the special effects were very well done and not a trace tacky. the only down point that i would like to point out is the acting of the main role. I think Freddie Highmore was not quite talented enough for the lead protaganist let alone a dual role, although this can be over looked due to the superb quality acting of Sarah Bolger and Mary-Louise Parker who plays a normal stressed out mother just as good as drug dealing stressed out mother on the whole though id say it was an enjoyable film with some unexpected gems.