Wednesday, 1 April 2009

St. Trinian's (2007)

There’s been a lot of bad reviews on the latest St. Tinian's movie and after watching it for myself I can't disagree more. The new movie is a far cry from the 1966 Great Train Robbery I remember fondly from my childhood. Thigh-highs and suspenders set the mood as your pelted with drug references and sexual innuendos. From the Joint smoking Rupert Everett to Stephen Fry on uppers this is St. Trin's for a new generation. The anarchical school is threatened by bankruptcy and foreclosure while The Minister of Education (Colin Firth) wants to expose the school as a corrupt hellhole. The girls decide to save the school by stealing a famous painting and then fencing it off though the loose moraled Flash Harry (Russell Brand). The Film has some great moments and is, in some parts extremely funny. Anyone shouting at the decidedly un-politically correct humor must of had their funny bone surgically removed. Highly Recommended.