Sunday, 11 January 2009

Death Proof (2007)

The insanely talented yet equally annoying director known as Quentin Tarantino set his sights on paying homage to the 1970’s exploitation “Grindhouse” films with this latest film ‘Death Proof”.
This lukewarm effort from him fails to inspire, the story is centered on Stuntman Mike and his homicidal tendencies in relation to groups of young girls. In the first half of the film he targets a group of girls in Texas who are out getting wasted and reminiscing about school days. Enter the ever deplorable, but forgivable acting talents on one Mr. Tarantino. As usual Tarantino has a lot of disposable script for the girls in which the try to score weed. Although not essential to the storyline it was entertaining for the most part. The girls are promptly killed off by Stuntman Mike in a satisfyingly gruesome manner. In the second half of the film Stuntman Mike emerges in Tennessee where he meets the second group of girls. The girls however are not so easy to kill and turn the tables on him.
On the whole the plot is very weak with very little narrative. The plot holes and bad character development could be put down to the “Grindhouse” effect. Personally though I feel it’s just lazy writing and is losing out in what potentially could be a great film. The direction is impeccable as usual with some good shots giving the film its saving grace. Near the end of the film However, Stuntman Mike completely changes character and spoils any constancy the film had.
With all this in mind the film is OK but falls short of what it could have been. After the film ends it leaves you wondering what happened and whether or not there’s more to it. In my opinion it would have been better as a short. Worth a watch but bother spending any notes on it. Possibly in its original Theater production as ‘Grindhouse’.